Urethane 321-200 (Top Coat) 1 Gal Kit

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E2U URETHANE 321-200 KIT - 1 GAL

Manufacturer: EPOXY2U LLC
Location: Fullerton, California, USA

E2U Urethane 321-200 is a three component aliphatic urethane floor finish. It exhibits excellent characteristics for abrasion resistance, chemical resistance, flexibility, weathering and UV stability. The combination of A, B and C components will l result in a satin (semi-gloss) finish. It must be applied at 4-5 mm thickness.


For use in aircraft hangers, auto service centers, cafeterias, metallic floors, computer rooms, indoor/outdoor service areas, laboratories, and warehouses.


  • Low odor
  • Abrasion & scratch resistant
  • Chemically resistant
  • 1:1 mixing ratio
  • Low VOC
  • Flexible
  • Long Pot life and working time

Coverage 500-550 SF/Gal 2-3 mil

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