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Epoxy Thickener - Thickening Fibers

Epoxy Thickener - Thickening Fibers

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These fibers can be used in coatings, block fillers, stucco, adhesives, putties, mastics, grouts, caulks, sealants, casting slurries, and more.


- Reduces cracking and shrinkage
- Improves dimensional stability
- Increases tensile properties
- Improves film formation
- Shear thinning
- Does not swell
- Non-hazardous
- Wet or dry mix application
- Smooth or textured coatings
- Durable fibers withstand high sheer
- Reduces dusting from other products
- Improves particle suspension
- Low oil absorption
- Low moisture content
- Resists biological growth
- Rheological effect

15 lb Bag. Due to their high efficiency, only a small percentage of fibers are required. Normally 0.5 - 1% by weight is all that is necessary.

*Sample bag ships anywhere in the US for $25 (while supplies last)

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