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Smith’s Poly-SB Solvent-based 2-Component Acrylic / Polyurethane Sealer

Smith’s Poly-SB Solvent-based 2-Component Acrylic / Polyurethane Sealer

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Smith’s Poly-SB is a 2-component, Acrylic-Modified Solvent-based Polyurethane exterior sealer used as a protective or maintenance wear surface over stamped concrete, decorative concrete, pavers, concrete stains, etc. with superior adhesion, abrasion resistance, gloss retention, stain resistance versus typical low solids single component solvent-based acrylic sealers. Available in both Gloss & Low Sheen finishes.

Smith’s Poly-SB achieves a wet-look to boost color & depth of stains (i.e. Smith’s Color Floor or Smith’s Color Wall). Yields an easy to clean, hard film finish that is Fast Curing, Ultra Violet Light Stable, Stain & Hot Tire Pick-up Resistant with easy recoatability for future maintenance recoats.

Also recommended in higher traffic exterior commercial applications, such as shopping centers, hotels, university campuses, airport pedestrian walkways, etc. prior to other topcoats, such as, Smith’s Poly-WB (Waterborne Polyester Polyurethane), Smith’s Polyaspartic products (i.e. 1000, 2000 or 5000) or over surfaces subject to pH shift, such as acid stained concrete.


  • Commercial & Residential:
    • Stained Concrete
    • Decorative & Stamped Concrete
    • Pavers


  • Fast Curing but Good Pot-life
    • Recoat in 90 minutes at 75°F / 50% Humidity
    • 2 hour Pot-Life at 75°F / 50% Humidity
  • U.V. Stable
  • Stain Resistant
  • More Durable than traditional solvent based Acrylic Sealers
  • Easy to Clean & Maintain
  • Wet Look – Enhances Colors
  • Hot Tire Pickup Resistant
  • Low VOC’s – Meets Source Specific Standards Rule 1113 established by AQMD in California
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