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Smith’s Poly-FLEX

Smith’s Poly-FLEX

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Smith’s Poly-FLEX is a Heavy-Duty, 2-Component, Moisture Tolerant, Semi-Rigid Polyurethane Flowable Resurfacing Compound with good elongation characteristics to aid in suppressing minor cracks from telegraphing through yet rigid enough for traditional applications. Walkable in roughly 2 ½ hours and accepts subsequent layers/systems in as little as 4 hours.  Applies from a minimum of 30 mils up to 5 inches in a single lift.  Tenaciously bonds to a variety of substrates.

Smith’s Poly-FLEX is freeze/thaw stable allowing for use as a base for interior and exterior resinous or cement overlay (with a sand broadcast) systems.  Also suitable over radiant floor heating systems.  Smith’s Poly-FLEX suppresses up to 15 lbs. (ASTM F-1869) or 90% RH (ASTM F-2170) of osmotic moisture vapor transmission with up to 14 pH on concrete slabs when properly mechanically prepared.



  • Ceramic, Porcelain, Stone & Quarry Tiles
  • Well Bonded, mechanically prepared existing coatings (i.e. Epoxy, Cementitious Urethane, Methyl Methacrylate, Polyaspartic & Polyurethane)
  • Concrete & Polymer Modified Overlays
  • Metal Floors (Stainless Steel, Iron, Steel, Copper, Treated Aluminum*)
  • Terrazzo
  • Wood Subfloors (underlayment grade plywood or OSB; requires use of Smith’s Epoxy FW38 primer)


  • Self-Leveling (when applied greater than 30 mils)
  • 100% Solids – Contains no Solvents or Water
  • Chemical Resistant
  • Alkalinity Resistant
  • Tenacious Bond
  • Low Odor & Zero VOC’s
  • Flexible
    • Resists Aging & Elasticity Fatigue
    • Suppresses Minor Cracks from Telegraphing to surface
  • Suitable for use over In-floor Radiant Heat systems
  • Accepts a variety of Floor Coating & Cementitious Overlays within in 4 hours at 72°F & 50% Humidity
  • Withstands up to 15 lbs. (per ASTM F1869) and up to 90% In-situ Relative Humidity (per ASTM F2170)
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