Smith’s Epoxy VCB38-2-component, low odor, low VOC, fast-curing waterborne epoxy

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Smith’s Epoxy VCB38 is a 2-component, low odor, low VOC, fast-curing waterborne epoxy used specifically as a base coat for full broadcast Vinyl Chip systems in residential, retail and commercial environments.  

Smith’s Epoxy VCB38 achieves a tenacious bond at all recommended application temperatures and cures quickly, allowing for the excess, loose chips to be removed within a few hours with subsequent layers immediately following. 


As a Base Coat for Full Broadcast Vinyl Chip over properly prepared, sound & solid:

  • Concrete & Lightweight Concrete
  • Wood (APA Exterior or Marine grade)


  • Easy to Apply
  • Inert to High pH levels
  • Fast Cure – remove loose Vinyl Chip within a few hours
    • May be used as part of One Day installation system
  • Soap & Water Clean-up while wet
  • Clear; accepts Smith’s WSC Solid Color Packs (sold separately)
  • Low Odor & VOC’s – Available in all regions