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Ol' Loggin

Ol' Loggin Two

Ol' Loggin Two

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The EPOXY LOGGIN TWO is a two component epoxy casting
system which is VOC-free, 100% solids and odor free. This
product can be poured at very thick levels (1 3⁄4 inch or more)
while keeping a crystal-clear look. It can be poured at thicker
levels depending on the volume sought. It has been
formulated for casting applications. It displays excellent air
release and color retention capabilities. It also possesses
superior mechanical properties such as impact resistance.

Casting applications on various substrates. It can be poured
on concrete, wood, metal, granite, rocks, etc. We recommend
performing adequate adhesion tests prior using the product.

● Excellent UV resistance
● Crystal clear
● Can be poured at very thick levels
● Ultra-low viscosity, very nice glossy finish
● Environment friendly (100% solids, VOC-free and no
● Odor free
● Easy application with ultra-long pot life and working time
● Ideal for casting, can also be used for small encapsulation

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