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MVB22 2.5 Gallon Kit-Moisture Vapor Barrier

MVB22 2.5 Gallon Kit-Moisture Vapor Barrier

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EH MVB22 is 4:1, 100% solids, 0 VOC, two-component epoxy resin-based primer based on phenolic amine chemistry specifically designed as a moisture barrier for concrete floors with very high residual moisture prior to laying floor coverings, coatings, or parquet. (up to 22 lb./24 hr./1000ft2).

EH MVB22 is Also suitable on calcium sulphate-based screeds with slightly higher residual moisture.
As a primer for absorbent, non-absorbent as well as smooth surfaces.
For interior and exterior use. 

Concrete slabs at ground level emit invisible moisture vapor. The permissible moisture emissions for concrete are 3 lb./1000ft2 over 24 hours (<4%) based on calcium chloride test. In addition, a relative humidity (RH) test can be performed to test for moisture vapor. Relative humidity test results should be less than 85% per ASTM F2170. If humidity is above this level, blistering and delamination of the coating may occur. A calcium chloride or relative humidity test should be performed to determine the moisture levels of the concrete. If humidity levels exceed 85% for RH test or 3 lbs. for calcium chloride, the EH MVB22 concrete moisture vapor control system is designed to be used before applying the coating system.



Where the concrete moisture content exceeds 4% or, 3 lb./1000ft2 over 24 hours.


Coverage Rates/Price per square foot

100 square foot per gallon (250 square feet per kit) 

Approx. $0.83 a sq foot 



    • Made from 100% solids
    • Resistant to chemical loadings
    • Good penetration
    • Can be applied to almost all substrates
    • Grip promoting
    • Suitable for application on subfloor heating systems
    • Resistant to bacteria and moisture
    • Exceeds ASTM F3010 standards
    • 0 VOC
    • Suitable on damp substrates
    • High sealing function
    • For increased residual moisture and single-layer application
    • Magnesite screeds
    • Old sealed/coated surfaces
    • Impermeable and seamless.
    • Up to 25 lbs/24 hr/1000ft2.



    Part A

    Part B

    2.5 Gallon Kit

    7.56 Gallon

    1.89 Gallon


    Volumetric Ratio:


    Solids Content:


    Application Temperature:

    35-90°F (10-32°C)

    Min Substrate Temperature:

    50oF (10oC)

    Max Substrate Temperature:

    86oF (30oC)


    Not required

    Pot Life @ 21ºC:

    5 minutes

    **Drying / Curing Time :

    Working Time:

    15 minutes

    Tack Free:

    4-6 hours 


    12 hours


    24 hours

    Curing Time @ 21ºC for resurfacing:

    24 hours

    Shelf Life:

    12 months

    USDA Food & Beverage & CFIA:

    Meets the requirements

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