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Green Clean

Green Clean

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Generic Type: Cleaner/Etcher
General Properties: a biodegradable acidic
detergent solution developed to prepare a concrete
substrate by both cleaning and producing a
moderate surface texture. Concrete treated with
Smith’s Green Clean Pro results in a neutral Ph
by simply pressure washing or flushing with water
per application instructions
• Produce a moderate texture on concrete
• Biodegradable
• User friendly
• Non-corrosive
• Low Odor
• Overnight Deliverable — no Red Label
Recommended Use: Preparation of a concrete
surface for the application of Smith’s Color Floor,
Color Wall and Color Accents.
Not recommended for: Coating removal including
paint, sealer and other film forming products.
Color: Smith’s Green Clean Pro is supplied in a
green hue.
Solids Content: Smith’s Green Clean Pro
28.5% ± 1% By Weight
Coverage per Gallon: 200-250 square feet
Note: Coverage depends on surface porosity, profile and application method.
Storage Conditions: 40-90°F
Shelf Life:
Unopened Container 6 months
Opened Containers 3 months

Approximate Ship Weight:
Smith’s Green Clean Pro 2 gallon 21.6 lbs 5 gallon 51.5 lbs

Flash Point:
Smith’s Green Clean Pro >212oF (100oC)

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