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EH Poly 85, Polyaspartic Floor Coating

EH Poly 85, Polyaspartic Floor Coating

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EH Poly 85 is a two-component (1:1) Polyaspartic coating. The EH Poly 85 is used as a basecoat (colored) and a clear topcoat using a common hardener. It provides a quick turnaround with very rapid curing time (tack free of approx. 180 minutes) under normal conditions allowing the installation of a flooring system in a single day. The product displays excellent curing capability even at low temperature levels. This product offers superior mechanical and chemical properties and is low maintenance. It also displays a superior aesthetic finish and excellent UV stability. It may be used in combination with EH 100 as a basecoat.


● Indistinct odor

● High Color stability

● VOC Compliant

● Chemical resistance

● High Sheen

● Seamless Coating 

● Potential for LEED eligibility

● Low maintenance

● Low VOC

● Excellent elongation and abrasion resistance

● Superior mechanical and chemical properties

● Self-Priming

● UV Resistance

● Multi-Coat application in one single day.

● Ease of application with long pot life and long working time

● Impermeability / Mold resistant

● VOC and EPA Compliant in all States and Canadian Provinces

● CIFA, USDA, FDA, Food Safety Compliant

APPLICATIONS The chemical and mechanical properties of EH Poly 85 provide excellent results for several applications.

• Pharmaceuticals

• Food processing

• Garage floors

• Washrooms & Showers

• Kitchens

• Manufactures/Fabrication

• Corridors

• Public facilities

• Showrooms

• Schools

• Laboratories

• Hospitals

• Commercial Centers

• Retail Stores

• Office buildings

• Warehouses

• Other Residential applications

• Other commercial applications


Available in clear and colored (See the EH color chart) Endless color and texture combinations can be achieved by dispersing colorful flakes, colored quartz, or silica sand.


The EH Poly 85 kit consists of Resin Part A and Part B Hardener

 Price approximately $.78 per square foot

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