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Zirconia’s CrossLinkerTM is the catalyst/crosslinking agent that bonds the CeramycGuardTM surface treatment and the ComposiCoat XDTM urethane finish together to form the 3-part composite flooring system. CrossLinkerTM creates a complete moisture barrier that will not chalk, peel, or delaminate and creates a strong adhesion promotor for CompsiCoat XDTM.

Note: CrossLinkerTM is step 2 of 3 for the ComposiCoat XDTM Floor Finish

Surface Preparation: make sure that the CeramycGuardTM application has cured for 24 hours prior to applying the CrossLinkerTM adhesion promotor. Surface must be clean, dry and in sound condition. Remove all oil, dust, grease, dirt, loose rust, and other foreign material to ensure adequate adhesion. To ensure the CeramycGuardTM is ready for CrossLinkerTM, test using a clean, dry standard 3/8” nap paint roller with handle and run it over the surface to make sure no residue from the CeramycGuardTM transfers to the roller. If the roller has no transferred coating, the surface is ready for CrossLinkerTM application. If the roller absorbs some CeramycGuardTM, check ambient temperature and humidity to make sure the environment is within the recommended application conditions and allow the coating to cure another 24 hours. Refer to CeramycGuardTM application specifications for detailed surface preparation.

Application/Spread Rate: Apply with a 1⁄4 to 3/8-inch knap roller with a coverage rate of 600 sq ft per gallon or 3 mils thickness. Application should be Coverage per gallon 400 – 600 sq ft.
Mask off areas of unwanted coverage, plan for cut in brush if area can not be adequately masked off and concealed.
Keep area off limits from foot traffic for 24 hours after applied.
*CrosslinkerTM must cure to a tack-free surface before applying the top layer ComposiCoat XDTM. This is usually within 30 minutes, but the topcoat must be applied within 6 hours for proper bonding of the topcoat to occur.

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