What are Sundry Items?

What are Sundry Items?

Sundry items, regardless of the category or industry, are miscellaneous items that are minor to the general application but nonetheless important. Some may refer to sundry items as odds and ends or miscellaneous items, but they are very often the tools and accessories that either are used in the application or are decorative or important elements.

At Epoxy Hub, we carry a full line of sundry items for installing epoxy flooring. From squeegees to rollers and all the other tools that are essential for a professional installation, Epoxy Hub has it all. Because our sundry items are designed specifically for our products, you will get the durability and quality you expect with Epoxy Hub.

Sundries We Carry

Epoxy Hub carries a full line of sundry items that you will use in your epoxy floor installation. Some of the most common are:

  • Multi-mix Containers
  • Twelve and 18-inch Magic Trowels
  • Squeegees of Multiple Sizes and Composition
  • Bristle Chip Brushes
  • Paint Mixers
  • Smoothers and Spreaders
  • Roller Frames and Covers
  • Mopping Pads
  • Shoe Covers
  • Cam Sets
  • Sanding Discs
  • Midwest Rakes
  • Spiked Shoes
  • Thickening Fibers

And more. Contact one of our sales professionals to find out which sundries are best for your particular application.

Products We Carry

We carry various products so that your epoxy flooring can be customized to meet your needs. Because our top priority is your satisfaction, we work hard to stock the highest-quality products combined with a knowledgeable staff that can answer all your questions. Some of the products we carry include:

  • Flake Epoxy flake enhances the flooring by adding custom color and texture to give you the aesthetics that you are looking for. A combination of colors can help you to beautify any surface.
  • Epoxy Our EH 100  epoxy is a dual component, zero VOC, high-performance floor coating system. It bonds easily and effectively with most surfaces and is essentially odorless. Expect a high gloss finish with premium color stability.
  • Polyurethane We carry AmeriCove high-density polyurethane composite resin cove base. Not only is it flexible, but it is also quite durable, resists swelling and rotting, and can be used both indoors and out.
  • Titan Pigments Our metallic pigments allow for easy mix and set with consistent results. Choose from multi-dimensional, pearlescent, or iridescent in 28 in-stock colors.

Epoxy Hub has a full line of products, including tools, paint, and more. We also are proud to offer our EH Signature Products.

Our EH Signature Products

Epoxy Hub introduces our own brand of signature products for epoxy floor applications. Tested and verified, these products represent our expertise in the field of epoxy floor application and are some of the best available.

Our EHPoly 85 can be used as a colored basecoat as well as a clear topcoat. Dries rapidly and is very low maintenance. It resists chemicals, making it perfect for hospitals, garages, and manufacturing facilities. Cafeterias and food processors prefer it because it is food-safe. Showrooms and large public facilities love it for its shiny surface, multiple colors, and easy care. Installers prefer it because they can do multiple coats in just one day.

EH High Traffic Urethane is well-suited for applications that require extreme durability and resistance to chemicals and abrasion. Any surface that sees high traffic can benefit from its resilience, such as hangar floors, industrial manufacturing that has forklift traffic, or other areas that need to stand up to heavy wear. It resists dulling and marking and is easy to clean even with exposure to fuel and solvents.

See What We Have Available Today

Got questions? Our staff is knowledgeable and ready to help you with questions about our products or the applications that are best for you. Contact us today!


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