Chem Thick

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CHEMTHICK is a is a two-component, 0 VOC, 100% solids, high-
performance, commercial grade epoxy casting resin. It has low exothermic
heat buildup and cures to a crystal-clear solid finish, displays an excellent
resistance to UV irradiation, and resists stress cracking.
CHEMTHICK possesses superior mechanical and chemical properties as
well as a long pot life and working time. The CHEMTHICK system has
been developed to be used in a wide array of substrates, materials, and
casts. One of its most common applications is the filling, casting, or
pouring of wood (River-Tables), stones, metal, or glass pieces of furniture,
still nature pieces, static objects, etc...
Formulated for casting projects and see-through encapsulation,
accentuating, and magnifying the objects within. It can be poured up to 3”
thickness in 1 pour and cures to a crystal-clear appearance. Designed for
DIY’s, and commercial applications.
CHEMTHICK formulation is based on a high-performance cycloaliphatic
polyamine technology displaying outstanding clarity and performance. Its
design features provide for the highest industrial and commercial