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The CHEM-NATURAL is a two-component epoxy
coating system which is VOC-free, 100% solids and is
virtually odor free. The product is translucid and
displays an excellent resistance to UV irradiation
(excellent color retention over time) best suited for
residential and commercial applications. It possesses
superior mechanical and chemical properties as well
as a long pot life and working time. Ideal for metallic
systems. It can also be used as a topcoat for Art &
General epoxy projects as well as on CHEM-CAST
products (see section, CASTING APPLICATIONS).
CHEM-NATURAL has been designed as a top coat
epoxy but it is self-priming. CHEM-NATURAL
formulation is based on a high-performance
cycloaliphatic polyamine technology displaying
outstanding properties and superior aesthetic finish.

Mix Ratio 2A:1B
Packaging 3 US gallon kits (3 x 3,78L)
15 US gallon kits (3 x 18.9L)

Color.   Clear only
Solids Coverage / US Gal
Mils     Sq. Ft.
8          200
10         160
12         133
30         54
40         40
50         32
1/8         13*
1/4         6*

Shelf Life                 One year, in original unopened factory
                                   pails under normal storage conditions
Substrate temp.       Min 16C, Max 30C

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