Chem 1000

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The CHEM 1000 is a two-component (1:1)
polyaspartic floor coating system which has an
indistinct odor. The CHEM 1000 is used as a base coat
(colored) and a clear top coat using a common
hardener. High solids versions (80 and 90) are
available as well as a prolonged working time version
(WT). It provides a quick turnaround with very rapid
curing time (tack free of approx.45-60 minutes) under
normal conditions allowing the installation of a
flooring system in a single day. The product displays
excellent curing capability at very low temperature
levels. This product offers superior mechanical and
chemical properties and is low maintenance. It also
displays a superior aesthetic finish and excellent UV
stability. We recommend the utilization of the
CHEMTEC vinyl chips in combination with CHEM
1000 products. Two- or three-coat systems can be

Mix ratio 1A :1 B
Packaging 2 x gallon kits
Color Clear or colored

Wet Coverage / gal

Mils Sq. Ft.
4       400
5       320
6       267
7       229
8       200
9       178
10      160
11      145
12      133
13      123
14      114
15      107
16      100

Shelf life Six months , in original unopened
Factory pails, under normal storage

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